Monday, March 19, 2012


Dear blog,
I am 22 years old boy with no one except Allah and my parents. Saya keseorangan dalam semua perkara. I really don't know is it me that ugly and cannnot be friends with other people or am I that low to be friend. Aku terasa sangat lonely hinggakan aku tiada teman untuk makan bersama, untuk berjalan atau hang out bersama. Apa salah aku? Aku nak berkawan saja. Aku pun manusia yg punya hati dan perasaan.

Aku tak suka tempoh praktikal sebab most of the time aku sorg. Actually i don't know what shall i say about this but its true I am lonely. Kadang-kadang dalam bilik aku menangis seorang diri. Aku tau aku ni bukannya kaya sangat tapi aku cuba untuk mencapai sama taraf dengan korg sekurang-kurangnya aku tak mengemis. Aku ade berhutang tapi if kau minta akan aku bayar on the spot. Aku rela berlapar. Adakah ni sebab tiada siapa nak berkawan dengan aku? Adakah sebab aku hodoh gemuk?

Sunday, October 24, 2010


As with all things that don't fit, you'll be sent back to where you came from.

What am I?

Blogging has been helping me a lot. Well, apparently this is my best friend after all. Well shoot me.
Somehow, livin' with classy is easy and I need that. U don't have to have such a pity face to grab my attention.
I can live with no friend but I can't live with no family. U ain't family. U ain't nothing. U such a lonely kid.

I am civilized, not lobotomized. Not sure I've made many of my own for awhile.

Karma will be back

Hmm. I don't need help, but advice would be appreciated!

I said to a person:
Well, if you're going to get jumped by your best friend, that she's not really a best friend, is she? If it's somebody else, then seriously forget them.

And if you actually do know that you'll get jumped, why don't you tell your parents or a cop?
I know it might make you look like a wuss or whatever, but hey, it's better then getting your ass kicked right?
If your best friend truly cares about what you tell her, she'll believe you over this guy she's dating.

Karma will come back and bite him

But if all they wanna do is start drama, tell them to grow up.
Chances are, no one is really gonna give a shit about this in 5 years, so why make something pointless of it now?

I hoped that helped in some way.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day after day

Day after day I had noticed that if I


long enough,

my strong...

Grown up

I sponsor you when you were eight
and you were very underweight.
I'd put food on your table,
until you were able.

I think you've crossed leaps and bounds
as I've ended all your frowns.
You attend school daily,
and happiness is what you express gaily.

You see the doctor to get shots
and help your family with the crops.
You send me pictures and news
and tell me about new clothes and shoes.

You really grown fast
and I want to say a last.
You bring me nothing but smiles
as you've traveled so many miles.

and you grown up.

I'm thinking


I lost all my words.

I think it’s magical because I have you.

Now, I lost you, I don’t know where it comes from.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me but you.

It always about you.



I hate #2

Identiti sendiri adalah penting dalam sesebuah negara. Hal ini bukan sahaja berkaitan dengan negara saja, tapi individu pun perlu ada identiti. Penting identiti tu untuk membezakan satu individu dengan individu yang lain. Berkaitan dengan entri ini, aku paling tak suka kalau org meniru aku. Contohnya kalau aku suka satu lagu ni, dia pun nak jugak suka lagu tu. Kenapa yehh? Takda identiti ke? Tak salah, tapi aku mcm tak selesa la. Contoh lagi, aku ade ringtone lagu Siti. Kenapa dia perlu juga ada ringtone yang sama. I mean sebiji? Malas nak tulis panjang2. Baru siap buat revision sikit. Rehat sampai setengah jam. Apa kes? Hahaha :))

Nak study la. Plus aku benci orang ituu.